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Time is money. This is why Yamamoto Technologies GmbH developed the brand new YAMAS. It is a digital waiter App designed for use in hotels, beach clubs cafes, bars/lounges and restaurants.

No more waiting for waiter. YAMAS will take orders from everywhere inside the hotel area. It doesn’t matter if the guest stay in the room, in the restaurant, at the pool, on the rooftop or even at the beach, all he has to do is to Point the phone camera and scan the decent digital QR code, that is placed on a table or decoration, and YAMAS will be ready to take the order. 

Need assistance? no problem, the guests have also the option to call the waiter if needed. The App is designed to make the service process much easier, increase the service quality, thereby the guest will be satisfied and your sales will increase while providing a great customer experience.


Don’t Wait For Waiter

Scan Table QR Code

Identify guest location with mobile device and respective QR Code

Digital Menu

Clear pictures and full information of ingredients and allergy available in all languages of choice

Choose Food

The guest can easily and anytime choose food and beverages from the digital menu. The digital menu is always up to date online.

Check Order

A total order summary is available anytime

Confirm your Order

Guest can confirm order immediately. The delivery time will be communicated by the service. Before leaving a bill can be requested.


Guest high quality service within few clicks. Before leaving a payment summary can be requested.


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